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Welcome To Tiny Talk.

Welcome to Tiny Talk. My name is Jennifer Holcombe, and I am passionate about working with children and their families, equipping them to be better communicators. Just like a puzzle, every piece/person in a child’s life is important and serves an essential purpose. It is my mission to help children put together the missing pieces in order to find their voice and communicate with the world around them.  Whether your child is a verbal communicator or non-verbal communicator, every child deserves the gift of speech. I currently offer speech and language services in my office in North Hollywood, as well as in clients’ homes within the greater Los Angeles area. 



Your child's overall speech and language skills are assessed through parent interviews, play-based informal assessments, and (when needed) formal standardized assessments. 



At Tiny Talk, sessions are dynamic and engaging. The strategies and techniques used during sessions are based on current research, clinical expertise, and years of experience.



It is easy to feel overwhelmed when searching for useful information on the world wide web. Let me help get you started with some of my favorite resources.